Your brand is what everyone
else is saying about you.
Let's get them saying
the right things!

5 episodes
1 workbook
30 minutes

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Episode 1: You have a brand. Let’s define it.
Episode 2: Finding the purpose of it all.
Episode 3: Get to the core of your values.
Episode 4: Not another boring elevator pitch.
Episode 5: Let's put it all to work for you.

Get people talking about you

"Our clients aren't telling other people about us. They love us, so we know they want to share the love but what do they say?

How do we get them to start talking about us the way we want them to?"

"Our business has changed a lot over the years and now there's a disconnect between what we do and what other people say about us. 

How do we get everyone on the same page?"

"This branding thing is so new to me. I'm just starting out in business and want to make sure I do things right - hiring, clients, partnerships.

What do I need to think about as I get started?"

Get the answers to these questions & more in under 30 minutes.

What are people saying?


Bite-Sized Branding is brand spankin' new. Thanks for checking it out! Sisarina would LOVE to hear what you think about the series. Send us a Love Note or post a comment in the Kickass Humans Club.
- Cheney Williams of Sisarina

Melanie Spring

Anyone with the title Chief Inspiration Officer on their business card has figured out their own personal brand. 
Melanie is the Boss Lady at Sisarina, a brand strategy agency in Washington DC, and once she drove 7000 miles in 3 weeks to find out why great brands work. She speaks internationally about rocking your life and your business.
If you're ready to jump in for the FULL Define Your Brand Workshop, get on her calendar. She's ready to facilitate your crew of kickass humans to build your Brand Book.

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